24 April 2008

Next USA TODAY ad running tomorrow

The next ad featuring the Amway Global "now you know" message will run in tomorrow's editions of USA TODAY.

You'll see ads appearing in major national news and business publications in the coming weeks.

Details coming soon! 

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9 thoughts on “Next USA TODAY ad running tomorrow

  1. I love it! I was showing the plan and this guy sat down next to us at starbucks and the ad was on the back of a USA Today that he was reading. Instant credibility! He had no idea about us or that he became a walking BILLBOARD! lol

  2. This will be a great tool and help when showing the plan, especially to the skeptical prospect.I just saw the ad andit's great!

  3. Bev B. Korasack

    I strongly believe that we will win the North American Economy War.The history will repeat it self as long as we never gave up, nor gave in.

    Amway will rock homeland, through the strong wave of Amway International.

    I just heard from Dexter Yager in Windsor function last week, and it was my vision that the IBO teams do Moses's job, we are helping people to be free from the slavery system.

    It's about time!


  4. Thanks for all you are doing to support our business!!  Let's not forget to share the great work the corporation does for children's causes thru their One by One program.


  5. Some thing that I learn from Quixtar/Amway Business is: " The system of this Business is very unique and very powerful that no one can destroy it except Quixtar/Amway. It's just like Diamond cuts Diamond. I feel like Oxygen, that can't live without it.


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