8 May 2008

Helping more people with disabilities achieve — IBO giving to Easter Seals lifts giving 15 percent

This year Amway and Quixtar will celebrate 25 years with Easter Seals.  The parallels between Easter Seals and Amway have always been strong.  Easter Seals provides opportunity, as does Amway.  Easter Seals is about empowerment, as is our business.  And Easter Seals helps people achieve independence, which is what draws many IBOs to Quixtar and Amway.

From the start, our partnership with Easter Seals has been built on IBO giving.  Yes, the company provides a corporate contribution, but that's only part of the equation.  The majority of funds raised for Easter Seals result from IBOs who raise funds in ways big and small.   And those efforts add up fast.   IBO and corporate giving to Easter Seals is up 15.4 percent over last year.  Even more impressive, giving since 2004 is up 55 percent.

Today our giving is approaching $1 million dollars, which is incredible.  Because each of those dollars is helping someone with a disability achieve more — from a child getting early intervention and treatment for autism to an adult getting rehabilitative support after an accident or debilitating illness.     

It's never to late to get involved.  The Quixtar-sponsored Walk With Me events are happening all over the country.  Our local event is July 30 in Grand Rapids.  You can join an event like Walk or you can have one of your own.  Leyla Kayi, who hosts the One by One blog, is there to help.  Every dollar raised creates opportunity for someone with a disability.  


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