9 November 2009

It was 50 years ago today

On November 9, 1959, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel launched their latest business venture here in Ada, Michigan. Before founding Amway, Jay and Rich had tried their hand at businesses ranging from a drive-in restaurant to a flying school to an import business.

But the enterprise that had legs was Amway.november-9-1959

Since Amway’s founding, we’ve grown from a small band of entrepreneurs in the states to more than three million business owners in more than 80 countries and territories. We offer health and beauty brands known and loved around the world. And while Jay and Rich started with a skeleton crew to support their new business, today we boast 13,000 employees worldwide.

There’s no big celebration planned at our world headquarters in Ada today. We’ve been celebrating all year long with our distributors all around the world.

We’re spending Amway’s 50th anniversary just as Rich and Jay spent their first day on the job 50 years ago – at work, helping distributors succeed through their Amway businesses.

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0 thoughts on “It was 50 years ago today

  1. A huge thank you to Rich and Jay, their families and those at Amway/Global who follow them for bringing this great opportunity to millions of people around the globe to develop a highly ethical business and to improve their as well as others’ lives. God bless you.

  2. Dear Mr. Rich & Late Mr. Jay,

    Happy Momentous Birthday !
    Thanks for making a difference in our lives.

    And a Chance of offering Hope to many others, in the numerous ways possible, thru the practical revolution u started. – called the ‘A’ word.

    The World is Better place, THANK You !

    With GRATITUDE & Bst. Wshs. for Here & Beyond

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