2 December 2009

We've got an app for that

iphone-fileThere are more than 100,000 apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch at iTunes.

And now there’s an app for Amway.

We’ve just launched the new app for Amway distributors in North America.  We’re one of a handful of direct sellers that offer iPhone/iPod Touch apps, but the comparisons end there.  Our app isn’t just a mobile catalog – it’s a 24/7 collection of business tools that help our distributors do business whenever and wherever they go.

“The Amway app offers a tremendous competitive advantage for our distributors,” said Candace Matthews, Amway’s chief marketing officer.  “The app enables our distributors to showcase to customers our health and beauty products, demonstrate how they work through videos and other business tools, and place an order from their iPhone or iPod Touch.  No one else offers a tool as robust as Amway’s app.”

And it’s already getting a lot of attention. The Amway app is currently #4 on the iTunes list of top downloaded free business apps. 

Helping our distributors reach consumers wherever they are?  Yeah, we’ve got an app for that.

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0 thoughts on “We've got an app for that

  1. When will the iPhone app be available in Hong Kong? I think it should get here soon since HK is such a concentrated market and a fantastic testing bed for the Greater China markets.

    Editor’s Note: Right now the launch schedule is only set through 2010, with additional markets scheduled to launch the app in 2011.

  2. Congratulation!

    It is a big step to give the satisfactions for all users.We will get lots of benefits by using this “app”iphone and everyone who are having unwanted acne on their face will reduce after long term using according to the experts from UK Doctors.But when will it be launching in India,I am waiting eagerly.
    Romio yumnam

  3. Here’s an update for those asking about Droid…Right now distributors can go to m.amway.com to access our site through any mobile device. However, we do understand the great interest in an Android app and are looking into how we might support our distributors using Android.

  4. HUGE INTEREST IN AN ANDROID APP. Over half the smart phone martket utilizes the android platform and growing! Imagine an amway app available in the top 2 (totalling over 77%) smartphone platforms in the world.

  5. We need an Andriod App for Amway – as already stated Andrid smart phone users are left hanging without having the power of their business on their phones like the iphone have it. I am sure it is not too diffcult to provide it.

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