23 July 2010

Green products from Pole-to-Pole

Antarctica is a remote, mysterious place where teams of explorers and scientists dig in for long periods of research. The Polar Research Institute of China is one such group. They conduct comprehensive polar region studies to help the global community better understand environmental issues.

In 2002, the Institute needed environmentally friendly homecare products for daily use at their Zhongshan and Changchun Antarctic research stations. They asked Amway China to provide them with six different homecare and personal care products – LOC, Dish Drops, Zoom, SA8, Air Freshener and Glister Toothpaste – because our products are biodegradable and phosphate free. And they match all of the requirements of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty.

In 2008 the Institute established a third Antarctic research station, Kunlun, and expanded their relationship with Amway China. Amway products are being used at the Institute’s three Antarctic research stations, on their Xue Long research ship, and in their Arctic research station at the North Pole.

So you can find LOC at both poles, and many places in between.

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12 thoughts on “Green products from Pole-to-Pole

  1. How wonderful!!! I knew the products were biodegradable but to pass the Protocol of Environmental Treaty of Antartica is just Amazing!!! I am so glad I use and love these products ~.~

  2. Thanks for the information! I received it via Facebook!
    By the way, why doesn’t Canada have the product Zoom? That’s where I live.
    And what’s the air freshener? I don’t think we have that either.
    Just wondering.
    I’m an IBO that’s just getting started.

  3. I am an IBO of Amway Global and a fond user of the Quality Products…All the Products are 100% Quaranteeded and are Fantastic…Becomming a Business Owner with Amway Global has really changed my life and i’m in Love with all the products…We are built on Intergrity and will never Lead you in the Wrong Direction.

  4. no cabe duda lo mejor en productos para conservar el medio ambiente y en todo el mundo¡¡¡¡¡¡ muy bien

  5. Wow, a great information. Thanks. I like the products so much and I’m an IBO from Indonesia.

    Speaking about Air Freshener, it must be Green Meadow.

    Anyway, may I put a link to this blog? Thanks!

  6. I have been successfully dealing with this company for at least the last fifteen years now.I have always felt 100% confident is using any of the products offered because they have scientists on staff working to make these products as green as green can be ;)As for doing the work,they are only mean on the gunge not on your skin.53 Mom of four let me tell you I have done some grungy cleaning prier to fifteen years ago using other products that MADE ME DO THE WORK SCRUBBING not now I just wipe it away:)Thank You!!!

  7. Wow! That is really great! I am a proud user and distributor of this great corporation! Amway is fabulously great and doing a great service to this planet!

  8. Super toller Beitrag, finde es immer wieder erstaunlich ,dass die Produkte ,obwohl sie mich schon lange überzeugen , weltweit auch am benutzt werden, besser gehts nicht ,
    In Liebe EUCH ALLEN
    Gutes gelingen und positive Geschäfte zur Selbständigkeit.
    Grüsse in die Welt

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