15 November 2010

Great Expectations

Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared on the Amway Answers blog.

I have been a Cleveland Indians fan since I was old enough to walk. If you follow American baseball, you know that road has been mostly trials and “tribe”ulations. I am also a fan of Amway – a huge fan. (Well, 4’10″ isn’t huge, but huge in spirit!)

But for either team, I am not a cheerleader.

I tried out for cheerleading once - a big mistake. I made the squad and I had some fun, but in the end, I couldn’t hack it. I couldn’t smile when I was angry at the referee. A bad call is a bad call. I wanted to throw something. I couldn’t mock the other team – that wasn’t sportsmanlike. But I grew up in a baseball stadium, taunting the opposition with, “Hey, batter, batter – swing!”

In the end, I learned the difference between being a fan and a cheerleader. Both will stand by their teams through thick and thin, but a fan will go a step further. He or she will add an element of pressure to the situation by asking questions, seeking answers, sharing an opinion and sometimes, throwing things.

Readers of Amway Answers will realize that the editorial team for this blog is a group of Amway fans. We’ll ask tough questions of the right people. We’ll share your comments with those who care – and believe me, they do! And just as fans don’t like every single call the coach makes, we’ll certainly express some opinions that not everyone agrees with.

Here are a few other things to expect from Amway Answers:

  • Timing of posts: We will strive for one or two posts per week. It’s not as frequent as the posts at Amway Insider or the Amway One by One blog, both great places to keep up on day-to-day Amway happenings on a global scale.
  • Timing of responses: We check the blog several times a day to release comments, but may not have a response right away. That is because we are checking with other departments who have more knowledge than we do. Our responses will be as thorough and helpful as possible. This takes time.
  • Your suggestions: We’re not going to let “perfect” get in the way of better. Some of the suggestions posed here are excellent and they are being shared. You are also an Amway fan – adding that element of pressure so we can improve. We can’t change overnight and some things don’t need to be, or won’t, change. It doesn’t mean we aren’t listening.

If this blog isn’t meeting those expectations, it’s OK to let the coaches know how you feel. Just don’t be one of those fans that leaves before the last batter is out. You never know what could happen!

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0 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  1. I have a question. Have critics of the Amway business created the need or increased the desire for any of the transformation Amway is currently undertaking?

    I believe so, but I would like the “official” answer.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. rocket: Dino here (Cindy reports sporadic wi-fi from halfway around the world this week). The desire and the need to transform the Amway business comes laregly from within. While external feedback is always welcome and can give us fresh perspectives, we never start a day without thinking about how we can end that day to make better for the business.

    Not sure if that’s the “official” answer you’re looking for but that’s essentially it.

  3. OK, but you know as well as I do that the desire comes from somewhere before it comes from within.

    I think you know what I’m asking, and obviously the change came from the company.

    It was motivated by something, I believe the critics was one facet of that.

    Is that true or am I way off base?

  4. You’re saying critics are motivating the Amway Corp to increase their needs or desires from within the company and should get credit for causing the change and transformation the company is undertaking?

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