5 January 2011

Resolutions, Smesolutions

Editor’s Note: This blog post originally appeared on the Amway Answers blog.

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve been known to say, “resolutions, smesolutions,” taking a very Grinch-like approach to this widely shared tradition.

This year, I’ve decided two things. First, SMesolutions are necessary. Second, SMesolutions now stands for Social Media Resolutions. They’re needed for this blog and the other social media efforts that Amway is undertaking in 2011.

I like the way business communications guru Chris Brogan does it. Each New Year, he challenges himself, his clients and his readers to come up with three words – not full-blown resolutions, just words – that will serve as guiding pillars for the year’s efforts.

I’m taking him up on the challenge.

Many people who’ve responded to Chris have taken the alliteration path, choosing “life; love; liberty” or “contribute; connect; celebrate” as their three words. I couldn’t resist doing the same, but the words I’ve chosen for Amway Answers’ SMesolutions come from the heart. They are: 

Passion. More specifically, retaining it. Many of us are passionate about doing the right things to maintain, improve or repair Amway’s reputation. And to tell our story to the world, whether it opens us up to criticism or not. I’m one of the loudest voices online when it comes to this, but it can be too easy to let that passion take a day off. I’d like to be more vigilant about it. This blog is one avenue for doing that and when a week goes by with no post, it’s passion taking an unauthorized vacation.

Progress. Is total transparency always the best policy? This debate rages on in several industries and of course, in politics. I believe this: Not every detail about Amway can or should be shared, but you deserve to know our plans; views; the bases for our actions; our intentions; and our interpretations of relevant things happening around us.  Not everyone shares that belief. This year, I’ll get more passengers on that train.

Participation. We need more voices in this discussion. From inside, outside and around Amway. I’m open to your ideas for how to include more people. We have an opportunity to combat misperceptions and to educate on a business model that’s made a positive difference in so many lives around the world. It won’t be as simple as sending an invitation to people: they need a reason to jump in. Let’s spend 2011 giving it to them.

Welcome to 2011. I hope that passion, progress and participation make their way into your SMesolutions as well.

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