16 March 2011

Eye on the (nine) ball

For the 14th consecutive year, Amway Taiwan sponsored the recently-concluded World Pool Billiards Association’s (WPBA) Women’s 9-Ball Open. It’s a long-standing naming rights relationship, but 14 isn’t the only impressive number in this equation. Also:

  • 48 players from countries all over the world qualify.
  • 143 nine-ball matches are played during the seven days of the tournament.
  • The balls are racked 1,511 times.
  • Approximately 13,500 balls are made for the tournament.
  • Ga Young Kim won the tournament in a well-fought 11-8 victory.

Kim, 29 and a native of Seoul, Korea, befittingly won the tournament on her father’s birthday. He taught her to play the sport when she was 12, inspiring her to pursue competition as a career. 

Kim and Amway Taiwan’s Managing Director are both featured in this video of the closing ceremony, but we know that it when it comes to her career, and our commitment to athletes of different backgrounds and talents the world over, the story is just beginning.

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