25 April 2011

Thanks a billion

Our brands to improve the quality of the water you drink, the indoor air you breathe and the food you cook are now a billion-dollar business for Amway.

Last year Amway’s “durables” brands – eSpring water purifier, Atmosphere air purifier and iCook and Queen cookware – generated US$1 billion in gross sales.

Amway has been selling cookware since 1961.  Our first water treatment system launched in 1984, followed by an air treatment system two years later.

Today our iCook and Queen cookware lines are on stovetops in households all over the world . Our eSpring water purifier is the world’s largest selling brand of “point of use” water filtration systems and the second largest brand of home water filtration systems worldwide.  And Atmosphere was the first air purifier certified  asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Allergy Standards LTD.

A few weeks ago Amway had a celebration for the staff who created, manufactured and marketed these brands that help people live healthier lives.

It was a way of saying “thanks a billion” for producing products that helped our distributors generate $1 billion in sales.

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7 thoughts on “Thanks a billion

  1. I have a testimony on the high quality of the above-mentioned products.

    We have a Generation IV Water Treatment System that is still in use with the original above-counter faucet.

    My in-laws gave my wife and I a set of Queen (now iCook) Cookware when we got married in 1975. We have used it constantly since then and have had to replace only one handle. And, of course, we only wash it with Legacy of Clean Dish Drops Dishwashing Liquid.

    We bought one of the original Pureflow Air Treatment Systems when it came out. It has, literally, run 21 hours a day, every day, since we got it. Several years ago when Amway discontinued the filters, I started putting in 16 x 20 furnace filters and have been doing that for several years. The unit just simply refuses to die.

    In the next few months we plan on upgrading to a new eSpring Water Purifier and an Atmosphere Air Treatment System. We probably won’t have to replace them until we’re 100 years old!

  2. Does anyone know where one can still buy filters for the original “Purefloe Air Treatment System”?
    Original filter numbers are: E-1794, E-9374, & E-9375.

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