11 May 2011

“Bullish” on Japan

It’s been two months since an earthquake shook Japan and a tsunami swept through cities and towns, creating unprecedented damage.

Immediately following the quake Amway Japan provided food and shelter for employees and distributors left stranded due to power outages.  The company was honored by the Shibuya Ward Mayor for its disaster preparedness and has agreed to become a shelter and provide relief and aid to those affected by future disasters.

Amway and our affiliates immediately mobilized fundraising and support for Japan, raising more than US$4.4 million to aid relief and recovery efforts in just one month.

Less than two weeks after the disaster, Amway President Doug DeVos visited Tokyo to personally share our support. The following day Amway Japan President John Parker visited Sendai, among the hardest hit areas in Japan, to meet with our distributors and reopen our Plaza there as a relief center. 

Last week John was in West Michigan with the Georgetown University Leadership Program (GULP) sponsored by Amway Japan.  He and two members of the GULP delegation, government official Kosaboro Nishime and Kyodo News Editor Satoshi Yoshida, shared their experiences and perspectives on the disaster with local media.   

Although Japan has suffered, it will recover and there’s great optimism for the future.   

Perhaps John said it best when he told local reporters, “I’m bullish on Japan.”

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