14 February 2012

The future of business

If you read The Wall Street Journal on February 15, you’ll learn that the “future of business” is a 68-year-old grandmother and Amway distributor that the Journal calls “one of the most prolific salespeople on Earth.”

The Journal profiles Holly Chen, one of the most successful Amway distributors ever, and how she leads and inspires a global network of distributors that stretches from her home in Taiwan throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Her advice to those pursuing an Amway business?

As she is quoted in The Wall Street Journal,   

“…when you’re in the Amway business, of course you change your mindset, you change your attitude, and your outcome will definitely change with it.”

And perhaps Holly has the potential to change minds, as well as mindsets.  As the Journal reports, “Of all things, of all places, perhaps the future of business looks like an Amway convention.”

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