5 March 2012

Overwhelming welcome

“Wow, just wow.” 

That is what one independent business owner said as he walked into Amway World Headquarters for a tour this week, visibly overwhelmed at what greeted him. 

He was among a group of 400 North America distributors who rode buses from Chicago and as far away as Maryland to see where Amway had its start. 

As is customary for these visits, which happen regularly at headquarters, the distributors were given an extremely warm welcome. Employees from all parts of the company gathered in the main lobby to applaud, cheer, shake hands and high-five the distributors as they filed off the eight-bus caravan.

And the clapping didn’t stop until the last person was off the last bus. 

After everyone was in, Randy Epema, manager of national accounts for Amway North America, gave a speech recognizing their accomplishments. 

“I think sometimes we talk about these as American success stories,” Epema said. “But what we know is that these are really Amway success stories. These stories happen all over the world.”

Tom Swab, a regional sales consultant in the Global Sales Division, has the pleasure of organizing the receptions. 

“We like to treat them very well,” Swab said. “This is where it all began 53 years ago. Just seeing the research and development, the offices, the beautiful World Headquarters – it’s a big experience and a real belief builder for them.”

The distributors also stood for a group photo in front of World Headquarters and were given a print of it before they left.“We want to recognize the hard work they do,” Swab said. “That’s why we’re here.”

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One thought on “Overwhelming welcome

  1. Que hermoso realizar una expedición de esta índole y saber que seremos bien recibidos, de aquí en adelante vamos a planear en hacer un viaje de esta clase con nuestro equipo.
    Gracias Amway por reconocer el esfuerzo de los demas.

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