2 May 2012

Unleashing the spirit

How do we put America’s economy back on track?

By unleashing something we already have in abundance: The entrepreneurial spirit. 

In a U.S. Chamber of CommerceCEO Leadership Series” appearance today in Washington, D.C., Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel told a beltway audience that an entrepreneurial approach is a part of the solution to our nation’s challenges.

“Entrepreneurs are innovative, have good ideas and are willing to try new things. They work best in an environment with fewer unnecessary and burdensome regulations,” he said. “If we applied these principles to business, we’d see more hiring, more confidence and more optimism than what we have today.”

Harnessing these qualities will “unleash a spirit of entrepreneurship – where hard work is rewarded, innovation and creativity are encouraged, failure is not feared.”

View a webcast of Steve’s appearance here.

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2 thoughts on “Unleashing the spirit

  1. I agree. The entrepreneur spirit creates opportunities not only for the entrepreneur but for all he or she comes in contact with.

  2. This was a very inciteful presentation. Of course what I worry about are mature markets where families are smaller and education trumps business (that is money spent by greater numbers of people). It’s no wonder that AMWAY has gone from (90 here to 10 overseas) to (10 here to 90 overseas).
    Mature markets definately have higher standards of living and larger governments where keeping people alive is at least equal if not more important than raising children. My friend from Korea goes to college; it’s only 3,0000.00 US Dollars per semester. My alma mater is over $50,000.00. Of course US parents want the same if not a better lifestyle for their children.

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