8 May 2012

Present in Portofino

Portofino is known as one of the most beautiful ports on the Italian Riviera, a place where artists have long found inspiration and tourists have found rest and relaxation. This week, it is home to our annual Founders Council gathering of top Amway distributors from around the world.

They will certainly experience history with a visit to the 1361-built Cervara Abbey, but they’ll also get a glimpse of the future through the eyes of our executives.

As Doug DeVos shared with them, “For over 50 years, the decisions we’ve made, the relationships we’ve forged, the successes we’ve seen are a result of bringing to life the vision, values and cause of the Amway business. The partnership that began with Rich and Jay so many years ago and the partnership we have with you is what’s made this business what it is today . . . and will make this business strong for generations to come.”

Poet and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said Portofino was the perfect example of the profound connection between the places that have inspired artists and intellectuals and their works. In our case, it’s inspiring more than 90 Amway distributorships and through them, a global family of celebrated accomplishers.

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