21 May 2012

Coming in and contributing

Every year, thousands of Amway distributors around the world are rewarded for their efforts with trips that combine exotic locations with learning opportunities and entertainment.

But these trips do so much more. They also benefit local economies and communities.

This week in Fiji, Achiever-level distributors from Amway Australia and New Zealand are repairing desks, painting new chalkboards and otherwise making a disaster-struck school an acceptable place for learning to take place again.

Said one distributor: “By the time we leave today, we’ll be friends with another group of people somewhere else in the world – which is absolutely wonderful.”

And earlier this spring, Amway China brought its top 15,000 distributors from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to Laguna Phuket in Thailand. The visit was estimated to help the local economy by bringing an influx of $2.5 billion baht in cash; providing temporary jobs to 300 students; and hiring hundreds of local transport and catering employees.

When our distributors enjoy their well-deserved rewards, they aren’t the only ones positively affected.

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2 thoughts on “Coming in and contributing

  1. Dear Sagar,

    Thank you for pointing out the discrepancy between these two articles. We believe the correct figure to be 2.5 billion baht, not 12.

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