8 June 2012

Words of wisdom

How can we make the most of our Amway internship – known here as the 12-week interview?

The Talent Acquisition team hosted a panel of past interns who are now full-time Amway employees to welcome the 2012 internship class to Amway World Headquarters. They answered our questions, shared their Amway stories and offered us words of wisdom.

Three common themes emerged:

A friendly, encouraging culture matters. The culture, which drew interns to Amway in the first place, was so engaging that it brought them back for full-time jobs – even after “wow” experiences like an internship at Walt Disney World.

Actions speak louder than words. People who truly live the company’s values create a welcoming workplace.

Connect with other interns and employees. Many interns are hired for positions – but not necessarily in the same area. Having connections with management outside of their department played a large role in being offered those full-time positions.

Thanks to our panel, we left confident and inspired, ready to get the most out of our Amway experience.

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