14 June 2012

Introducing Rick DiCecca for ARTISTRY

When it comes to makeup, Rick DiCecca says there are four essentials no woman should leave the house without!

“Sunscreen, mascara, bronzer or blush, and lipstick or gloss,” says Rick DiCecca. “These products provide a profound payoff with minimum effort.”

As the new global makeup artist for ARTISTRY, Rick will bring keen insights and global inspiration to ARTISTRY’s seasonal color collections, assist the Global Color Cosmetics Marketing team in product formulation and shade development, as well as offer technical expertise on application.

“I’m drawn to the ARTISTRY brand for all the passion and potential of its people and its products,” he says.

Rick’s clients have included some of the world’s most famous beauties – renowned supermodels Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford and Iman. But what Rick relishes the most is working with “real” women with real lives, kids and time constraints – making makeup work for them on their own terms, and giving them the tools and know-how they need to look beautiful every single day.

Please join us in welcoming Rick to the ARTISTRY team!

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0 thoughts on “Introducing Rick DiCecca for ARTISTRY

  1. Welcome to the team!
    Was happy to read about “…But what Rick relishes the most is working with “real” women with real lives, kids and time constraints ” Because this is the public we work with as ABO’s. They are our customers. Mothers, grandmothers and daughters.
    I hope that the needs of mature women will also be concidered, as population gets older, we have many customers in ages > 50. These ladies need more matt shadows for example.

    I wish you a lot of success, and maybe we will meet you in Holland?

    Best regards, Tamar Bercovitz

  2. Welcome Rick! Looking forward to hearing and seeing new and or different ideas. I would like to hear more on Makeup tips for women in their 50′s and up. Thank you! Renate

  3. yes…I agree with Tamar Bercovitz,

    I am engaged with makeup work, so mature woman (aged 50 and above) need matte eyeshadow since their skin is not as tight as younger women..however, the shimmery eyeshadow that we have right now is FANTASTIC, keep it on market.

    One more thing, I always think that sometimes we need intense metallic lip gloss to do bridal makeup here in Malaysia, I suggest only produce 1 color that is clear color but high intense metallic finish so that it can be used over our current lip color now.

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