27 June 2012

Sweet 16 celebration

We have great news.

Since 1996, Amway has offered quality consumer goods and our business opportunity to the people of Greece.  

Despite the country’s economic crisis, our business is steady.

And after a ceremonious ribbon cutting with Deputy Mayor Nikolaos Alepous, our employees and distributors are proud to announce that Amway Greece – now 16 years old – has opened a sparkling new headquarters. 

Located in the bustling Athens suburb of Maroussi, our new base of operations is designed with our distributors in mind – to help enthusiastic entrepreneurs build their businesses.

The brightly lit, colorful experience center and training facility provide distributors with an elegant space and contemporary tools to introduce different consumer segments to our nutrition, beauty and home products, and the Amway business opportunity. This exciting business site also serves to strengthen the brand of Amway – ranked as the #2 direct seller in Europe.

In the past two weeks, 15 training sessions have been conducted, and hundreds of distributors have invited their customers to show off the new space.

Congratulations to our friends in Maroussi! This is great news, indeed. 

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