7 November 2012

It's official: Amway is 'Bike Friendly'

Amway was recently given a new designation that we are pretty proud of: We are officially a Bike Friendly Business.

The League of American Bicyclists gave us the designation at the bronze level, giving us praise for the cycling club started last year at our World Headquarters, providing lockers and shower facilities for bikers and sponsoring Bike to Work Day in May with refreshments, incentives and prizes.

Twenty-six employees rode their bikes into work that day, traveling a total of 1,096 miles. Nutrilite also provided sports drinks and energy bars for other official “pit stops” on that day.

Andy Bix, site manager and fitness specialist at our on-site Optimal You Fitness Facility, said Amway sought out the designation.

“Amway has a large cycling population, so it seemed like a natural fit,” he said. “Plus, it supports Grand Rapids (Michigan) in becoming a Bike Friendly Community.” (Grand Rapids also has a bronze rating.)

Amway received the honor in October along with 71 other new BFBs. They joined nearly 500 businesses, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies across the U.S.

“Businesses may be the engine of our economy, but more and more are realizing that the bi cycle can be a powerful catalyst for increased profits, reduced healthcare costs, happier employees and more customers,” League President Andy Clarke said.

Bix said Amway is not done. Based on recommendations from the league, the company is considering providing incentives for bike commuters, creating commuter challenges to increase participation and connecting with local advocacy groups to increase awareness of cycling and healthy living.

“Our goal would be to reach silver within the next four years,” he said.

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