9 November 2012

Phytonutrients: Best of nature, best of science

If success is judged by the numbers, the China & Korea Joint International Phytonutrient Symposium held in Bejing last month exceeded expectations.

More than 300 people attended when organizers anticipated 200. Among them was our team from Nutrilite, including Keith Randolph, the Nutrilite Health Institute’s director of research and development, who presented the latest findings on the antioxidant paradigm.

The one-day event was a lively packed house of scholars and professors, all of them focused on nutritional science and phytonutrient research. Plenty of Q&A took place between the audience and speakers after every presentation.

The speakers presented their interpretations of Randolph’s presentation articulated the fact that we are at a turning point in understanding the role antioxidants play in the body, while identifying the importance of phytonutrients in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli: Specific phytos turn on switches in our cells that enable our bodies to fight oxidative stress.

The symposium played an extra key role in China, where the Chinese Nutrition Society is reviewing whether to institute a daily recommended intake, or DRI, for phytonutrients. The conference presentations gave them a better understanding of the role of antioxidants and the emerging phytonutrient science.

The event was hosted by China Nutrition Society and the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology and sponsored by Amway China Ltd and Amway Korea. Participants are already looking forward to next year’s symposium.

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2 thoughts on “Phytonutrients: Best of nature, best of science

  1. happy to know about this symposium. it is very indeed todays fast phase of life even children are under stress in this highly challenging world. expecting more news. i am from india.

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