19 November 2012

Printed power

Magazines on store shelves whose covers light up. A cereal box that transmits its nutritional data to your mobile device. Even a container of soup that can heat itself with no stovetop or microwave.

Those are the examples of the power of Fulton Innovation’s eCoupled Printed Electronics, which earned the company yet another award. They were named a Silver winner in the Best New Product of the Year category in the Best in Biz Awards 2012.

Fulton used conductive ink, printed electronics and its innovative wireless technology to demonstrate how the packaging and printing industries can transform everyday objects, creating new levels of engagement.

When the specially printed magazine or cereal box are on an eCoupled-enabled shelf, they can light up or transmit data on command. And when a user pulls the tab of the soup container and sets it on an eCoupled-enabled countertop, the contents will heat to low, medium or high, depending on the user’s preference.

And the container is still recyclable!

[youtube jNS8CI3SvNE]

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