4 January 2013

Nutrition, dairy cows and NUTRILITE All Plant Protein

In 1919 when Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg was selling canned milk in China, he wanted to understand all he could – from milk’s nutritional properties to the natural processes that make it. He was especially interested in how nutrition affected the health of dairy cows.

What he found was that the healthiest animals were fed just green alfalfa and water – they produced the most milk, weighed the most and had beautiful coats. He noted the nutritional makeup of the green leafy vegetables the cows were eating and began to understand how important they were to their diet.

Observing this simple plant-based diet of healthy, contented cows was an “ah-ha” moment for Rehnborg. He saw the direct relation between the nutritional value in milk and what the cows were ingesting. It was clear that cows eating green leafy plants made good healthy milk, and that milk provided the daily nutritional support and protein our bodies require. Ultimately, he realized that by extracting and concentrating alfalfa he could create the first ever dietary food supplement.

Today, nutritional science helps us further understand the vital importance of protein, a macronutrient that plays an essential role in maintaining healthy cells throughout our body. It acts as a cell repair nutrient, provides energy by producing the red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout our bodies, it builds lean muscle and supports the immune system.

But protein needs to be replenished daily and many individuals run short of their bodies’ needs. Without enough protein, the body will just not function as well as it could.

Supplementing with NUTRILITE All Plant Protein Powder is a sensible way to fill the protein gaps in your diet. The unique NUTRILITE tri-blend of soy, wheat and pea delivers the right combination of proteins and amino acids to keep you feeling healthy and energetic – all without animal products or dairy side-effects.

So instead of counting on cows to provide dairy based protein, you can now go directly to the protein source in plants. It was the key ingredient Carl Rehnborg observed when he watched those contented cows nibbling alfalfa in the early 1900s.

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7 thoughts on “Nutrition, dairy cows and NUTRILITE All Plant Protein

  1. Please advise when we will have this product available in North America. Many of us have seen it in Asia and very much want to have it in the U.S. Thanks you much!

  2. Hi Cami,
    No need to do any more research. According to the new retailing campaign catalog, “Go Big,” this product will be available in the U.S. soon.

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