9 January 2013

Nature by the month

Steve Van Dyke was stalking a deer at Amway World Headquarters last year with his Canon 60D, tracking it through the woods until he was about 30 feet away.

“I turned around, and he looked right at me and gave me a look,” said Steve, who works in the Amway IT department. “It was the deer-in-the-headlights look.”

Turn to May in the Amway 2013 company calendar and you can see that deer-in-the-headlights look yourself. The calendar features four other photos by Steve and several by other Amway employees.

Amway Sustainability Program Manager Rick VanDellen has produced wildlife calendars for the company before, but only in small batches.

This is the first year it was published as the main company calendar and included employee photos of nature scenes captured on the property. It also highlights several activities Amway has focused on the wildlife habitat, including bird boxes, bird banding, nature nights for families and wildlife photography workshops. They all help us maintain our certification with the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Rick said many of the photos chosen from the 40 or so submitted were taken by people who had attended the photo workshops. But Danny Favreau captured his Snowy Owl photos for January while on the job at the Amway corporate hangar at Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

“Normally you see one; on occasion we see two. But on one occasion, there’s a great big pine tree next to our hangar, and there were three of them there at one time in close proximity,” he said. “I couldn’t get to my camera fast enough.”

Sri Soekarman also took her photo of a blue dasher dragonfly while on the job. She was photographing the first annual Lake Amway Charity Fishing Tournament for the public relations department.

Other photos were taken by Jim Parker in IT, John Harrison, a senior software developer, and Bob Garner, a system engineer. David Aupperlee, a contractor and former Amway employee who regularly photographs the wildlife habitat, also has several photos featured.

Rick said he’s getting very good feedback and he may have to print more than the 5,000 in the first run.

“I’m running out quickly,” he said.

See a photo album of all the calendar pictures at our Amway Facebook page.

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