11 January 2013

Greasing the skids

With more than 3 million distributors worldwide providing “word of mouth marketing” for our business opportunity and brands, what’s the role of marketing for Amway?

To make it easier for our distributors to sell our health, beauty and home products to their customers. 

Candace Matthews, Amway’s Chief Marketing Officer, recently met with Forbes.com and other media to talk about how marketing efforts support our distributors from Australia to the Wake Islands.

“What we’re trying to do now is build awareness about not only Amway the company and the business opportunity, but also our major brands like ARTISTRY and NUTRILITE,” Matthews explained in one of two videos posted at Forbes.com. “We are in essence greasing the skids so that when distributors are talking to people about the products or the opportunity, the awareness is there and it makes it easier for them.”

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