16 January 2013

Amway: Gangnam Style

The wonderfully talented employees at Amway Korea may be the next K-pop sensation with an Amway-inspired song and video that is reminiscent of the viral hit “Gangnam Style.”

Aiming to share the Amway story in a fun way for the younger generation, the employees at Amway Korea stepped away from their desks, put on costumes and performed in a video for an Amway-inspired song called “Dreaming.”

Their choreographed dance moves are against a backdrop of images and graphics from Amway’s history. The song has Korean and English lyrics. It begins with our Founders’ Fundamentals and even coins a new word, “Amwaian,” which means anyone who loves Amway. Are you an Amwaian? You might be after watching the video!

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0 thoughts on “Amway: Gangnam Style

  1. I’m a proud k-poper. But I’m a bit annoyed by gangnam style :D anyway I love this song! This is what I needed to hear. Awesome.

  2. Wonderful! So proud to be part of this global community. Congrats, Amway Korea for such an upbeat and adrenaline pumping, inspirational video. Keep on dreaming…and let’s achieve our dreams.

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