23 January 2013

Flu Season: Are you prepared?

Cough, cough. Sniff, sniff. Achoo!

If that’s not you, it’s likely a family member or coworker suffering from the flu or just an annoying common cold.

You can’t always avoid those illnesses, but you can do your best to arm your body against them. Vitamin C plays an essential role in keeping your body’s natural defenses strong by maintaining healthy tissue and supporting the immune system.

However, your body cannot store vitamin C. If you load up on a 1,000-miligram tablet in the morning, you will only benefit from about 12 percent of that. The rest gets flushed out of your system.

Our Nutrilite scientists have found a solution. They developed Vitamin C Plus Extended Release, a plant-enhanced supplement made with vitamin C from both ascorbic acid and natural acerola cherries. The tablet uses a fibrous ingredient that expands to form a network after entering the stomach. As a result, it gradually releases vitamin C through the network as the tablet passes through your system.

“Using time release technology slows the release of vitamin C over an eight hour period, resulting in improved utilization at a highly efficient rate of approximately 80 percent of the given dose,” Nutrilite Research Scientist Dr. Dawna Venzon said. “The vitamin C is more effective.  It is not only absorbed better, but it also remains in the blood stream for a longer period of time, supplying a steady rate of vitamin C for your body to use.”

Another example of the best of nature combined with the best of science.

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