29 January 2013

It's a digital world

Our Chief Marketing Officer Candace Matthews sat down with CMO.com recently and talked about her role in transforming marketing at Amway while ensuring the company maintains the identity that served it so well for more than 50 years.

Matthews talked about creating a global strategy and global branding to the business to help our more than 3 million distributors be more successful. And she talked about the importance of listening to the younger generations.

“They live in a digital world,” she said. “And what they’re thinking about is beyond what we baby boomers could ever imagine.”

While the younger generation of distributors may go about things a bit differently from their predecessors, the core of what they do remains the same — building relationships. And Matthews said that is the key to success.

“Digital enhances our business model; it won’t replace our business model because that contact is who we are,” she told CMO.com. “What digital does is it brings relevance, but it won’t replace relationships. That’s the core of who we are.”

Read the entire interview here.

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0 thoughts on “It's a digital world

  1. Yes, relationships are key to building an amway business.As our success is dependent on getting the best out of people.
    To build anything that is sustainable and worthwhile we need to have integrity and trust in our make up when we work with others.
    The digital tools are just that; tools to communicate and get the job done. If you build positive relationships you will have a friend and a business patrtner for life.

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