11 September 2015

Got grit?


What makes one entrepreneur more successful than another? A growing number of thought leaders claim that it’s not a matter of what they do as it is the way they approach what they do.

Amy Rosen, former CEO of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, wrote recently in Entrepreneur that while there is no single trait that ensures success as an entrepreneur, “…one thing is pretty close: When you talk to and work with enough entrepreneurs, the main theme that emerges is persistence. Some researchers call it grit”.

University of Pennsylvania psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth delivered one of the most viewed TED talks of all time (nearly 7 million views to date) about her work in measuring grit as a characteristic of success. Duckworth has studied grit, which she defines as “the tendency to sustain interest in and effort toward very long-term goals,” and self-control as key indicators of success in any venture.   

In other words, people who succeed are those who persist and persevere.

The 2015 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (#AGER2015), which will be released in November, will explore characteristics of the entrepreneurial spirit in 44 markets, based on feedback from nearly 50,000 people. These respondents tell us what they think defines an entrepreneurial spirit and allow us to see how opinions vary from country to country. 

Until then, you can contribute to Angela Lee Duckworth’s research and get your personal “grit score” by taking the quiz on the University of Pennsylvania Duckworth Lab website.

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