18 November 2015

AGER 2015 revealed

What better time than Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) to reveal the 2015 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report?

Earlier today, Amway partnered with GEW to host two events focusing on entrepreneurship. The morning kicked-off bright and early with a global Facebook chat featuring Amway President Doug DeVos followed by a panel forum discussing the characteristics of entrepreneurs.

We heard from:

  • Bradley Blakeman, Georgetown University Global Education Institute senior faculty
  • Doug DeVos, Amway president
  • Donna Harris, 1776 founder & co-CEO
  • Jonathan Ortmans, Global Entrepreneurship Week founder
  • Dale Pfeifer, Good World founder & CEO
  • John Schnatter, Papa John’s International Inc. founder & CEO

Frank Luntz of Luntz Global Partners moderated the discussion in front of about 100 audience members from government, media and academia as well as entrepreneurs and Amway Business Owners.

Now in its sixth year, AGER takes the public pulse of the state of self-employment around the world. We’re proud to invest in a global entrepreneurship report that surveys nearly 50,000 people across 44 countries, and we’re proud to support entrepreneurship globally.

See the full report on our Amway Global Newsroom.

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