29 December 2015

G100 Q&A with Steve Van Andel


The G100 Network, a group of global CEOs from leading companies, recently sat down with Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel to discuss Amway’s research on the state of global entrepreneurship: the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER)

In the Q&A discussion, Van Andel explains a few findings from AGER 2016, as well as the impact that entrepreneurs have on economies around the world.

“As entrepreneurs develop businesses, they hit a sweet spot in global economies by creating jobs, opportunities and, ultimately, positive GDP in countries of operation,” Van Andel said. “This is especially true when starting a business is relatively easy.”

Van Andel also shares insights on some of the common barriers people have when looking to start their own business and why this topic is important for CEOs around the world.

Read the entire discussion here: G100 Insights Van Andel on Entrepreneurship, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “G100 Q&A with Steve Van Andel

  1. Excellent information. It’s fantastic.
    I think the work of AGER 2016 to measure the level of entrepreneurship in different markets is the most important when it comes to starting a business in that market data.

    Steve Van Andel is doing a fantastic job

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