16 February 2016

Doug DeVos: The future of work


Amway President Doug DeVos recently spoke with Forbes Contributor Jacob Morgan on his Future of Work podcast. The pair had an hour-long conversation focused on the future of work, entrepreneurship and Amway.

“ Amway was founded on the spirit of entrepreneurship. Starting in 1959, the founders, including Doug’s own father, believed in a model where people could have their own businesses. Clearly a lot has changed since 1959 and that’s exactly what we talk about. How do we take the same principles of wanting to be an entrepreneur or a business owner and adapt them to the new world of work we are living in now?” – Jacob Morgan, Forbes contributor

As we continue to see in the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report, the work landscape is changing. Because of technology, people have different preferences on how and where they work.

And while many other aspects of work have changed since Amway was founded in 1959, one thing hasn’t: the motivation and entrepreneurial spirit inside millions of people around the world to start a business of their own.

Amway always has been – and always will be – committed to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, helping people to take the first step toward entrepreneurship.

Visit the Forbes website to hear the entire podcast.

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