5 May 2016

Moving the conversation


For five years we have shared news and information about our Artistry, eSpring and Nutrilite brands with the great fans on our global Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

On May 31, we’re moving the conversation. Over the years our markets have developed their own social channels to highlight the Amway business and its brands for their own customers and Amway Business Owners. So, at the end of the month, we will sunset our brand pages on Facebook and Twitter to move the conversations about our beauty, nutrition and home brands to local market Facebook pages.

Because Amway product choices vary from one country to the next, local Facebook pages are the best place to learn about our brands and ask questions about our products. To find the Facebook pages for Amway brands in your region, visit this handy guide for links. And to find Twitter feeds for your area, visit this guide.

May 31 is “moving day” for our brand conversations on Facebook and Twitter, but our Amway global Facebook page and our Amway global Twitter feed will continue to share great information about all things Amway, including our leaders, events and accomplishments. For a deeper look at our brands and products, please connect with the Amway brand Facebook pages and Twitter feeds in your area and join the conversation!

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