14 July 2016

Practice makes perfect


Though Dr. Sam won’t officially leave on his sailing trip until July 16th, he and the Double X crew were able to practice a bit while motoring up the California coast to bring Double X from Newport Beach to San Francisco.

Though they were only 10 miles offshore, the weather and currents made motoring around Point Conception a particularly rough obstacle, especially since it’s what many call the most challenging passage along the West coast, notorious for its extreme winds and pounding waves.

The boat took a beating but came through with flying colors, thanks to an experienced captain and his sailing knowledge. All in all, Dr. Sam says the experience boosted his confidence not only in the stability of Double X, but also in the amazing talent and teamwork of the crew.

Though the journey was short in comparison to the actual journey ahead, the trip reminded Dr. Sam about some of the differences that separate life on land from sea.  Though people were experiencing very hot temperatures on land just a few miles away, Dr. Sam and his crew were dressed in layers to protect them from the frigid sea air. There was also an element of isolation—even though millions of people live within a couple hundred miles of the coastline, virtually no one else was out on the ocean.

The short practice run ended just in time for the wedding of Dr. Sam’s youngest daughter.

Click here for more information and continue to follow Dr. Sam’s journey on his blog http://drsamsblog.com/.

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