27 September 2016

With Truvivity, hydrating your skin can be delicious

It’s always nice when something is enjoyable and good for you.

That’s how we feel about our Truvivity hydrating powder drink. It’s a beauty supplement with phytoceramides, vitamin C and cranberry extract for antioxidant protection, supporting your skin’s moisture and smoothness from the inside out.

Simply mix it in water for a quick, refreshing drink. Or, you can experiment with it, too. For example, how about a three-layer, grapefruit parfait?

Check out the recipe in the video. What’s your favorite way is to use Truvivity hydrating powder drink?

Ingredients for recipe:

(Pink grapefruit jelly)

  • 150g Pink grapefruit
  • 3 sticks Truvivity Beauty Powder Drink
  • 100 cc Water
  • 5 g Powdered gelatin
  • 50 cc Hot water

(Double-layered grapefruit jelly)

  • 350 cc Grapefruit juice
  • 2 sticks Truvivity Beauty Powder Drink
  • 55 g Organic sugar
  • 5 g Powdered gelatin


  1. First layer (crush jelly) preparation: Remove pink grapefruit pulp and tear into bite size pieces in a small Mixing Bowl.
  2. Dissolve Truvivity Beauty Powder Drink in water.
  3. Soak powdered gelatin with warm water in a medium Mixing Bowl until it melts completely.
  4. Add grapefruit and Truvivity to gelatin. Cover with plastic wrap and cool for two hours in a refrigerator to set.
  5. Second and third layer preparation: Heat grapefruit juice and sugar in an Amway Queen Small Sauce Pan with Induction Range “Manual 5” (medium heat) for about three minutes. Stop the heat when sugar melts. Add powdered gelatin and mix until melting completely.
  6. Divide 200 cc of the jelly mixture (Step 5) into cups. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for two hours in a refrigerator. Mix the remaining 150 cc with Truvivity Beauty Powder Drink.
  7. When the jelly (Step 6) is set, gently pour in the jelly mixture containing Truvivity Beauty Powder Drink. Cover with plastic wrap again and chill for about two hours in a refrigerator until set.
  8. Serving preparation: Use a fork to crush the pulpy jelly (Step 4).  Place it on top of the double-layered jelly that is set, and decorate with mint leaves.

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