21 December 2016

Amway President Doug DeVos and Chairman Steve Van Andel join Twitter


We’re excited to announce that Amway President Doug DeVos and Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel launched personal Twitter accounts this week, allowing them to speak directly to the millions of Amway Business Owners around the world on a regular basis.

Doug and Steve will be tweeting about a variety of topics, including:

  • Entrepreneurship and direct selling trends and news.
  • Historical content and inspiration from their fathers, Amway Co-Founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel.
  • Behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from their visits to Amway markets.
  • Encouragement and motivation for Amway Business Owners.
  • And insight into new Amway initiatives, technology and product launches.

Doug kicked off his Twitter presence Tuesday with some pictures from the annual Christmas program at Amway World Headquarters, which included a visit from his father, Rich.

We would love your help to build awareness of this exciting launch. Follow @Doug_DeVos and @Steve_VanAndel, give them a warm welcome and spread the word to your networks.

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